Correction to CITY OF ANGELS

It has come to the attention of Vendome Press that certain statements in the chapter, “Lyrical Beauty” (pp 227–245) contained in the book, City of Angels: Houses and Gardens of Los Angeles by Firooz Zahedi and Jennifer Ash Rudick, are incorrect. The original chapter inadvertently attributed certain interior design work performed by Michael S. Smith to Oliver Furth. Mr. Smith was the interior designer of record, commissioned by the homeowner to be responsible for the conception and execution of the residence in collaboration with architect Oscar Shamamian of Ferguson & Shamamian. Mr. Shamamian recently wrote to Vendome that:

The interior design for the house depicted in “Lyrical Beauty” was conceived and executed, from beginning to end, by Michael S. Smith. Michael and I collaborated on this house from 2002 through its installation three years later.

Mr. Smith is acknowledged as the designer of the residence, though Mr. Furth subsequently worked closely with the homeowner to redesign certain rooms, the garden, and exterior spaces not featured in City of Angels, and also refreshed some elements of rooms depicted in “Lyrical Beauty.” The misattributions have now been identified and proper credit for the design will be published in any future printings.