New York Mid-Century: 1945–1965

By: Annie Cohen-Solal, Paul Goldberger, and Robert Gottlieb
392 pages
6⅜ x 
9⅜ in. 
color, b+w illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-86565-313-9
Hardcover with jacket
US $55 / 
CAN $62 / 

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New York Mid-Century is the story of how the postwar Big Apple emerged as the cultural capital of the world. Annie Cohen-Solal brings alive the influential critics and patrons, the legendary galleries, and the artists themselves. Paul Goldberger presents the modernist architectural masterpieces that created the city’s sleek new profile, highlighting both public and private spaces. Robert Gottlieb invites us to relive the heyday of the musical, explore the great jazz clubs of Harlem, and peek into the inventive studios of the dance world. Richly illustrated with art, photographs, and ephemera, this volumeis a stirring collection of a remarkably fertile period in the city’s history.

Annie Cohen-Solal is the author of internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed art books.

Pulitzer Prize–winning architecture critic and author Paul Goldberger is the former chief architecture critic for the New York Times and the New Yorker.

Author Robert Gottlieb is the dance critic for the New York Observer. Previously, he was editor of the New Yorker and editor in chief of Simon & Schuster and Alfred A. Knopf.

New York Mid-Century is a sparkling account of Gotham at the moment it became the cultural center of the world. It is the work of three masters of their genres. In their hands the mid-century city leaps to life and its history engages us on every page.

Donald L. Miller

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