Katie Ridder

More Rooms
By: Katie Ridder
with Jorge Arango
Photography by Eric Piasecki
Foreword by Dominique Browning
240 pages
10 x 
12 in. 
color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-86565-383-2
Hardcover with jacket
US $70 / 
CAN $85 / 
GBP £60
PUBLISHED: Sep, 2020

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Bold combinations of primary and secondary colors; exquisitely crafted trims, embroidery, lampshades and countless accessories (all designed by Ridder); imaginative room surfaces from silver leaf to custom stenciling. These are but a few of the signature elements of a Katie Ridder interior.

Katie Ridder: More Rooms explores her unique aesthetic room by room to underscore the astounding breadth and depth of her decorating ingenuity. The illuminating text details Ridder’s singularly creative approach to the essential elements of the room, including furniture plan, color, lighting, finishes, pattern, layering and scale. Illustrated with specially commissioned photographs by Eric Piasecki and featuring a foreword by former editor-in-chief of House & Garden Dominique Browning, Katie Ridder: More Rooms provides endless inspiration for design aficionados.

Katie Ridder’s work has been published in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Town & Country, Veranda, and the New York Times. She was the subject of Katie Ridder Rooms and co-author of A House in the Country with her husband, architect Peter Pennoyer. She is on the board of directors of the Garden Conservancy and the Horticulture Committee of the New York Botanical Garden. Her firm also produces wallpaper, fabric, and carpets of her own design.

Jorge Arango has written about interior design and architecture for more than thirty-five years. His work has appeared in every major design publication including House & Garden, AD, and Elle Decor, and he has co-authored nine design monographs.

Dominique Browning was editor-in-chief of House & Garden from 1995 to 2007. A writer and editor, she regularly contributes to Time magazine and The New York Times among others, and founded the climate-change group Moms Clean Air Force.

Eric Piasecki is an interiors photographer based in New York City. He contributes regularly to a wide range of international publications including Elle Decor, AD, and House Beautiful.

If you love color, Katie Ridder: More Rooms offers inspiration (and looks good on the coffee table to boot).

Country Living

The reader will welcome this look into ‘more rooms’ of Ridder’s, since every space is one we might wish to occupy.


A trove of vibrant colors, embroidered textiles and delicate details. . . While the book’s imagery is top-notch, don’t skip over the text: Ridder details her trained approach to room essentials like furniture placement, color, lighting, finishes, pattern, layering and scale.

The New York designer Katie Ridder is known for rooms that are filled with color, pattern, texture, detail and juxtapositions of traditional and modern—and that always feel comfortable and inviting. . . . Ridder’s creative process is on beautiful display in More Rooms.

‘More’ is the word that comes to mind as you flip through the pages of Katie Ridder’s new design book. . . . you see more attention to detail, more color, more materials, more, well, everything. . . . More than anything, though, the projects that Ridder features are livable, and she makes you want to live with a little more color and a lot more style.

Houston Chronicle

Not one to leave a lampshade, trim, or neutral wall unembellished, designer Katie Ridder’s attention to detail hews sprightly interiors that are undoubtedly classic, yet never conventional.

Katie Ridder’s More Rooms includes her singular take on color, texture, pattern, proportion and scale.

Katie Ridder: More Rooms offers bright ideas on how to go for the bold. . . . Bold paint and patterns, as seen in the vibrant rooms in the book, are not only pleasures to live in, but can be an easy and affordable way to refresh a tired interior.

Detroit News

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