Haute Bohemians: Greece

By: Miguel Flores-Vianna
368 pages
10 x 
13 in. 
 (254 x 
330 mm.), 
More than 200 
color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-86565-406-8
Hardcover with jacket
US $75 / 
CAN $94 / 
GBP £65
PUBLISHED: May, 2023

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A glorious, intimate homage to this magical country from bestselling photographer and writer Miguel Flores-Vianna

 A land immortalized by poets for its otherworldly beauty, Greece is the birthplace of iconic monuments that are known the world over. Yet, at the same time, it is also home to an organic architectural language, the product of centuries of rural and island lifestyles—it is the heir both to the timelessness of classical architecture and the simplicity of rustic living.

This stunning volume chronicles Miguel Flores-Vianna’s photographic odyssey through the beautiful Greek landscape, showcasing historical houses alongside contemporary homes, united by the colorful characters who either live or have lived in these places—the “haute bohemians”.

From the sophisticated residences of collectors and painters to island hideaways, centuries-old tavernas, royal follies, breathtaking gardens and even a restored sailboat, Flores-Vianna transports his armchair travel companions to a wondrous world, bathed in the glow of an ethereal light. An extraordinary range of characters emerges—including historic figures such as the shepherd Alexandros Rodakis and Queen Amalia, and contemporary creatives such as antique dealer Eleni Martinou and architect Katerina Tsigarida. Featured, too, are the homes of international residents who share a passion for this magical land, such as interior designer John Stefanidis, artists Helen and Brice Marden, and financier and philanthropist Jacob Rothschild.

A self-confessed “Hellenophile” who has visited Greece countless times since his childhood, Flores-Vianna invites us to join him in paying tribute to his beloved adopted nation, capturing the character and patina of this enchanting country through his trademark intimate, atmospheric photography, and engaging texts.

Miguel Flores-Vianna has been a photographer, writer, and editor for more than 20 years. He is the author of the bestselling Haute Bohemians, selected as the design book of the year by the New York Times T magazine, and A Wandering Eye: Travels with My Phone. His photography has been featured in a number of other books, including Near and Far by Lisa Fine, Décors Barbares by Nathalie Farman-Farma, and At Home by Isabel Lopez-Quesada, and he is a regular contributor to magazines such as Cabana and AD. He lives in London.

This is a book to make your heart ache for ‘deep waters, and infinite sky’, for ‘farms that smell of rosemary and honey’, for the dazzle of whitewashed stone walls… Both the photographs and text are by Miguel Flores-Vianna and every page is infused with his experience and knowledge of this country and its islands…
The poetry of the images – whether a tangerine sunrise over a spectacular swimming pool, or rush-seated stools on a flower-fringed terrace – is well served by the large format and seeps into the concise and informative text. Heavy and sumptuous, this offers much more than coffee-table appeal.

House & Garden

Only someone who loves and understands Greece, then and now, as much as Miguel does could present the country the way he has in Haute Bohemians: Greece. There are beautiful homes of famed residents and collectors–some you may have seen before, some you never have–but there are also royal follies and sailboats and shepherds  huts and tavernas. To see the style in a taverna is to see Greece.

Stellene Volandes, Editor-in-Chief of Town & Country

Photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna has a knack for finding his way into the most beautiful houses in the world, revealing scenes otherwise off limits to the public. Now he shows us an entirely new and delightful side to Greece. Beyond the ancient ruins and five-star resorts, there is the world of the haute bohemians—the unique characters who call Greece home. Flores-Vianna captures the Edenic gardens and grand homes of historic figures, such as Queen Amalia, and contemporary creatives, such as architect Katerina Tsigarida. International residents, including John Stefanidis and Jacob Rothschild, also open their doors to Flores-Vianna. Prepare for severe wanderlust.

Air Mail

A self-confessed “Hellenophile” who has visited Greece countless times since his childhood, Flores-Vianna invites us to join him in paying tribute to his beloved adopted nation, capturing the character and patina of this enchanting country through his trademark intimate, atmospheric photography and engaging texts.

Athens Insider

You’ll be inspired to sip ouzo and nibble on olives as you pore through the images as you pore through the images of island hideaways, lush gardens and even a gorgeously restored sailboat in the pages of this stunning volume.


Readers are transported to stunning locations like Paros, Patmos, and Corfu, where they are beckoned into 19 mesmerizing settings. Look out for Jasper Conran and Oisin Byrne’s rustic home in Rhodes stitched together from a duo of 500-year-old dwellings…

Architectural Digest Pro

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