At Home in Italy

Under the Summer Sun

By Massimo Listri

Text by Nicoletta del Buono

256 pages

9¼ x 10¼ in. , portrait

300 color illustrations

Hardcover with jacket

ISBN 978-0-86565-286-6

US $45 / CAN $52

"Slowly flipping through [this book] on a Sunday afternoon—preferably with a deep dark shot of espresso or a tipple of grappa in hand—is like taking a leisurely stroll through one of the olive groves pictured so reverently between it's covers. It's a lovely mix of light and shade, color and neutral, old and even older."
The City Sage blog

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Italy’s sun-drenched landscape, rich history, and welcoming lifestyle attract visitors from all over the world. At Home in Italy showcases a sumptuous selection of the country’s most beautiful houses, described in great detail by the Editor of AD Italia, Nicoletta del Buono, and captured by the lens of renowned architecture photographer Massimo Listri.

As del Buono’s vibrant text makes clear, as varied as traditional Italian approaches to design are—each unique to its region—they are nevertheless easily identifiable as Italian. And as the houses featured in this lusciously illustrated volume establish, the modern-day Italian genius for design has its roots firmly planted in Italy’s rich traditions, for Italians have long had a sure eye for color, proportion, light, and furniture placement.

With over two hundred stunning color photographs of thirty houses, ranging from sweeping panoramas to close-ups of specific rooms, furniture, and design details, this irresistible volume highlights the merging of traditional settings and modern comforts that epitomizes Italian style. From the Tuscan home of Colombian artist Fernando Botero to the enchanting Baroque palazzo in Sicily that is now home to Milanese designer Luisa Beccaria, the images glow with a rich palette of colors and styles that evoke every mood, whether a sense of timeless simplicity or the delights of decorative excess. At Home in Italy has something to offer to every lover of Italy and interior design.

Massimo Listri is Italy’s leading architecture and interiors photographer. His work has appeared in numerous books and magazines, including Architectural Digest.

Nicoletta del Buono is the editor of AD Italia.