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Classical Chinese Furniture
Classical Chinese Furniture
Author(s): Marcus Flacks
Illustrations: 200 color and black-and-white illustrations
Pages: 280
Trim Size: 10 5/8 x 12 3/4 in.
Format: Hardcover with jacket
ISBN: 978-0-86565-291-0
Published Date: 10/01/12
Price: US $85.00 CAN $98.00
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Praise for Classical Chinese Furniture

“One new tome coming out that I can't wait to get my manicured hands on is Classical Chinese Furniture by Marcus Flacks. He does a few things for us in this volume. He educates us on the secrets of timber, joinery, regional production, and the art of restoration of these fine—and often quite rare—pieces. More importantly, he presents 52 masterpieces to us in this glossy photo-filled book—most of which have never been published.” —Life in a Venti Cup blog

“In my experience, its rare to encounter someone who can't appreciate a Ming chair or stool. The sculptural, iconic forms just elicit a positive response. Classical Chinese pieces are to a room what an old black cashmere sweater and beloved pair of jeans are to a wardrobe: endlessly versatile. With his new book, Classical Chinese Furniture, antiquarian Marcus Flacks helps us understand what we find so alluring.” —Style Court blog

“‘Magnificent’ best describes the hefty volume Classical Chinese Furniture written by Marcus Flacks. . . . The fascinating text is accompanied by 200 jaw-dropping photographs that feature the kind of objects in heavy demand by well-heeled collectors both in this country and in China.” —San Jose Mercury News

“In the new book, Classical Chinese Furniture by Marcus Flacks, the art of Chinese furniture of the 16th-18th centuries is explored and celebrated. . . . Flacks showcases 52 masterpieces—all exemplary, exquisite, and rare. . . . Design experts will appreciate Classical Chinese Furniture's rich content the most. However it's a book all can enjoy and would make a wonderful addition to any coffee table or design library.” —Simplified Bee blog

“For the love of a book-this one lays out the topic—Chinese Furniture—as works of art—and within its pages there are beautiful sculptural pieces that happen to function. When art and function unite we find the most timeless—and yes—beautiful art. The book opens up the world of Chinese decorative arts and furniture from the 16th through 18th centuries with exemplary antiques made from exotic woods, veneers, and lacquer.” —Little Augury blog

About Classical Chinese Furniture

This unique publication illuminates a fascinating and little-known area of Chinese decorative art—Chinese furniture of the 16th–18th centuries. These beautiful chairs, stools, cabinets, and tables are highly sought after and have become the fastest-growing area of collecting within China itself.

Author Marcus Flacks begins the book with a historical overview to place the furniture in context and then traces the trends and changes in collecting over the past 30 years. The heart of Classical Chinese Furniture is the presentation of 52 masterpieces—all exceptional examples of great rarity—accompanied by detailed descriptions. These outstanding pieces—most never published before—teach an important lesson on the Chinese approach to aesthetics, craftsmanship, architecture, and culture. They have even affected, directly or indirectly, much of 20th-century art, design, and architecture.

Complete with invaluable appendices that visually unlock the secrets of timber, joinery, regional production, and the art of restoration, Classical Chinese Furniture is an essential volume for collectors and experts—Western and Chinese alike—as well as for anyone interested in furniture, aesthetics, and interiors, or simply fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of the pieces themselves.

About the Contributor(s)

Marcus Flacks has been one of the forces behind the rediscovery of Chinese furniture over the past twenty years. He has helped to put together some extraordinary collections and mounted a host of exhibitions that have introduced this field to Western and Chinese collectors alike.