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Chicks with Guns
Chicks with Guns
Photographs By: Lindsay McCrum
Photographs: 60 color and 20 duotone photographs
Pages: 168 pages
Trim Size: 9 x 11 3/4 in.
Format: Hardcover with jacket
ISBN: 978-0-86565-275-0
Published Date: 10/01/2011
Price: US $45.00 CAN $52.00
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Praise for Chicks with Guns:

“Don’t be deceived by the frisky title: Lindsay McCrum’s Chicks with Guns is a deadly (sorry) serious work of cultural iconography. It’s also visually stunning, alternately sexy, arresting, haunting and mesmerizing. In so many words, this book hits every bull’s-eye—a real stunner.” — Christopher Buckley, author of Thank You for Smoking and Losing Mum and Pup: A Memoir

“A work of art in photography, Chicks with Guns is an instant classic. Any who read the text and reflect on the stunning portraits will come away with a new appreciation of the not unusual or surprising love affair between women and their firearms.” —R. L. Wilson, firearms expert, author of Silk and Steel: Women at Arms

“Shows the world that power and femininity can go hand in hand.” —TrendHunter

“(Lindsay) McCrum creates a compelling visual essay.”—Juxtapoz Magazine

“McCrum's portrait project is full of contradictions and complexity, of ironies and sublime beauty. . . . The pairing of these stories with McCrum's photography makes this book absolutely seductive.”—Publisher's Weekly

“I opened this sizeable hardcover to one of the 80 photographic plates, and started going through the glossy pages, at first only noticing the striking beauty of the full-page photographs and the women who were the subjects. I found myself wondering if they were just models holding guns as props, until I began to read the personal statements on each adjacent page. Written in the women’s own words, it seemed to me that their stories read like something from the pages of Field & Stream, and I wanted to know more.”—Field & Stream

Chicks with Guns, a gorgeous new book by Lindsay McCrum, is a lot more cerebral than it sounds. Fine art photographer McCrum shot dozens of portraits of women with their firearms, accompanied by personal statements from each woman.”—Houston Chronicle

“No other book quite like this one . . . it would certainly make a fine addition to a gun room or sportsman's library.”—Sporting Classics

“Lindsay McCrum has created a cultural portrait of women gun owners in America through photographs that are both beautiful and in a sense unexpected.”—Resource

“Target practice has never looked so chic.”—Marie Claire

“Lindsay McCrum's handsome new book of photographs, Chicks with Guns, (offers) painterly images that neither glorify nor vilify their subjects.”—The New York Times

“McCrum's portraits of female hunters, cops, Olympic biathletes and collectors are unsettling, entertaining, and strangely elegant. Perusing the images without reading the personal essays is akin to watching a Merchant Ivory film without the sound.”—Los Angeles Times

“There are countless reasons why women may choose to carry weapons, and Lindsay McCrum's new book, Chicks with Guns, attempts to explore each of them. Hunters, collectors, and army members alike are displayed proudly carrying their firearms, setting a beautiful, if sometimes eerie, scene.”—Huffington Post

“These are real women, with real guns—their guns. While all very different, they possess a strong, quiet elegance that radiates through their gaze into McCrum's lens. These are not boastful images, but the delicate, feminine pride in their eyes suggests how serious their right to keep and bear arms is to them.”—American Rifleman

About Chicks with Guns

In Chicks with Guns, Lindsay McCrum has created a cultural portrait of women gun owners in America through photographs that are both beautiful and in a sense unexpected. The book explores an indelible part of our national identity, but is not thrown off balance by the natural suspicions and political ideology often associated with firearms. It examines issues of self-image and gender through the visual conventions of portraiture and fashion, but guns are presented here not as superimposed props but as the very personal lifestyle accessories of the subjects portrayed. And it defies stereotypes often associated with aspects of the popular culture of both guns and women.

For Lindsay McCrum, the artistic representation of this democratic notion, to bear arms, is not to seek out the lowest common denominator, but rather to treat each subject equally well. Like the 15–20 million women gun owners in this country, the women we meet in Chicks with Guns (their portraits are accompanied by their own words), reside in all regions of the country, come from all levels of society, and participate seriously in diverse shooting activities. The women here are sportswomen, hunters, and competition shooters. Some use guns on their jobs and some for self-defense. They may not all be classically beautiful, but in these photographs they all look beautiful, exuding honesty, confidence, poise, power and pride. They are real women with real guns that play a part in their lives.

In a fraught time of turbulence and transition in American life, by focusing her camera respectfully on this very particular aspect of the American scene, gun-wielding women and girls, Lindsay McCrum sheds new light on who we are in America today.


About the Contributor(s)

Lindsay McCrum is a fine art photographer residing in New York City and California. She received her undergraduate degree from Yale University and her Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Trained as a painter in oils, Ms. McCrum switched exclusively to portrait photography in 2003. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe.